Model Number APT 8
Total Tank Volume Liter 8
Gal 2.0
Diameter cm 20.3
inch 8.0
Height( Base Including) cm 30.4
inch 12.0
N.W. Kg 1.9
Lbs 4.2
G.W. Kg 2.3
Lbs 5.1
Shipping Volume CUF 0.50

APT-8|Pressure Tank|Thermal Expansion, Water Booster System|Aquasky

1.Suitable for Water Booster System/FCP.
2.Diaphragm membrane pressure tank for cold sanitary water circuits, pressurized systems, and storage systems
3.Rubber membrane produced according to the DIN 4807 regulation
4.High-performance variable geometry membrane
5.Polypropylene liner and the diaphragm membrane create a water zone to avoid water contact with the tank's metallic surface, so the tank is able to use for drinking water.
6.The Stainless steel water connector is a perfect connection for water pipe with lead-free and chemical-free.
7.100% made in Taiwan
8.Produced according to the standards established by PED 2014/68/EU and EN 13831 regulations
9.Certification: CE, ISO9001, UPC, NSF58, NSF61, ACS, KC
10.High level of customization
11.Epoxy powder exterior painting to guarantee a high level of protection against oxidation and a fine aesthetic final quality
12.The industries ONLY fill 100% Nitrogen per-charge pressure tank. To avoid temperature change creates the per-charge change.
13.Accurate and extensive first-rate quality controls during all manufacturing process phases. All products are 100% pressure tested.

PumPlus Pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurized water system that provides water pressure at a set level. The tank stores supplemental water between the diaphragm and liner, and the pressurized air chamber is able to create a supply circle. This process reduces the number of times the motor need to start in order for the system pressure to remain at the set level. The tension of the diaphragm maintains water pressure within the system, ensuring proper operation of the dishwasher and washing machine, and robust flow for showering and bathing. PumPlus pressure tank is an energy-saving device and no maintenance is needed. A properly sized pump and pump tank will work as a team to meet your needs and will deliver many years of dependable service.

Aquasky provides the most complete and standard products. PumPlus series products are exclusive for pressure tanks or storage water tanks to use.

PumPlus Apt-8 product is suitable to use in the house due to the residential water booster system.

AQUASKY expansion tanks are built with a stainless steel system connection with patented Leak safe technology. The Stainless steel water connector is a perfect connection for water pipe with lead-free and chemical-free. Inside each tank is a heavy-duty, butyl rubber diaphragm with a 400% elongation physical property. A polypropylene liner separated the water from the pre-charged air chamber. The tank controls excessive pressure generated inside the water heater using a sealed compressible air cushion space to store and hold the additional expansion water volume.